A Moron By Any Other Name Is Still a Moron

The trouble with calling Donald a “Moron” is that it insults all the other morons.

But let’s be honest, Rex only said that because it’s true.

A lot of people think it was just a way for him to get out of a job he hates, but if that was the reason he would have called Ivanka a “Moron”.

Of course Rex Tillerson’s days are numbered. I heard that someone told Donald that “Rex” means “King” and he didn’t want “King” Tillerson on his cabinet. He wants that title for himself.

Now if all Rex wanted to do was to insult Donald he could have called him a “misanthrope”. That’s an insult too, but Donald wouldn’t have known what it meant.
Rex could just have told him, “Oh it just means you think you’re better than everyone else and don’t like people who don’t agree that you’re better than they are.”

I wonder if this will start a trend like a competition.

Mike Pence could call him the fulfillment of 1 John 2:18. That would be the “antichrist” to save you the bother of looking it up. I’m sure Donald wouldn’t look it up.

McMaster is a bit of a history buff so he could start comparing Donald to that great American president Andrew J (for Johnson, the first president to be impeached). Donald doesn’t know the names of very many presidents because he’s better than all the others (see the above discussion).

There are a lot of military people hanging around White House, (temporarily they’re hoping) so in keeping with the current foreign policy they could start calling Donald the “Big Rocket Man”. It’s possible Donald even thinks he was complimenting Kim Jung Un by calling him a “rocket man”. You know: “I’m Big Rocket Man and you can be my buddy Little Rocket Man”.

Of course it’s also possible that Kim thinks it was a compliment too. He certainly hasn’t altered his behavior any since Donald “complimented” him. Donald even said he was going to take care of Kim, a statement that is also subject to two conflicting interpretations. They have a lot in common too, like really bad hair for instance.

They might even work out a deal, you know Donald, (the master of the deal) says: “Look Kim, you let me nuke one of your cities and I’ll let you nuke one of mine, just make sure it’s one of those liberal democratic ones, like New York; no wait I own a lot of real estate there, make it Boston.”

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Brick on brick to keep
All we fear and love away
Thicker still each day

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Slaves In FICO Land

I know that many people feel threatened by recent security breaches but don’t know what to do to prevent identity theft. The companies that promise to protect your ID are likely to be the next victims of the hackers. How can you protect yourself? Simple … really! Make yourself so undesirable that no one will want your ID. That’s right: ruin your credit score. It’ll be fun! Make those credit card payments late, or skip them altogether. Spend over your limit, way over your limit. Mortgage and car payments? What payments? There is some potential downside fallout, sure, but it’s time to stop and smell the roses … and then mow ‘em down you suckers. Roses don’t last that long anyway, and the petals are just as nice.

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I met a stranger and he was me.

I met a stranger and he was me.

Grown older today, but no wiser.
His past forgotten, nothing left of what he was
Buried there beneath the present time
All unseen and unseeing
Without what was, we cannot be what is
There is nothing left except the stranger

The stranger that is me

Written as I approach my 70th birthday

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John McCain

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” D. Trump said this about John McCain in July 2015. My prayers for John McCain and for the country he and I love.

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It is time to stop offering our leaders “The Benefit Of the Doubt” and start Doubting the Benefit of their leadership.

Reality Winner (an interesting name to say the least), disclosed that the NSA had reason to believe that Russia tried and possibly succeeded in hacking into vote counting software. Fraudulent votes were recorded perhaps, but more interesting is that Donald Trump has not tweeted about this “leak” at all. Perchance Mr. Trump knows what happened and wishes not to draw attention to it? Were the fraudulent votes cast for him?
Earlier Vladimir Putin tacitly admitted that people in Russia likely hacked into the US election trying to have their “friend” elected as “patriots” would naturally do. This sounds to me like the set up for shifting blame from Mr. Putin to someone else. It also sounds like Mr. Putin knows what happened. In fact it sounds like, to use a legal phrase, both men knew or should have known what was going on in their respective organizations and countries, and neither seems to be anxious to do anything about it or to prevent it from continuing to happen.

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President Pence

A lot of people are starting to practice saying: “President Pence”. The Vice President is doing his best to support Mr Trump, which is understandable. If Mr Trump were to fail to finish his term, Mr Pence is going to inherit this mess.

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