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John McCain

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” D. Trump said this about John McCain in July 2015. My prayers for John McCain and for the country he and … Continue reading

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It is time to stop offering our leaders “The Benefit Of the Doubt” and start Doubting the Benefit of their leadership.

Reality Winner (an interesting name to say the least), disclosed that the NSA had reason to believe that Russia tried and possibly succeeded in hacking into vote counting software. Fraudulent votes were recorded perhaps, but more interesting is that Donald … Continue reading

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President Pence

A lot of people are starting to practice saying: “President Pence”. The Vice President is doing his best to support Mr Trump, which is understandable. If Mr Trump were to fail to finish his term, Mr Pence is going to … Continue reading

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Hillary and Russia

So I’m still a little unclear on the reason Trump fired James Comey. It was because of “the way he treated Hillary Clinton” right? So that means Trump fired Comey because Comey helped Trump get elected president, right? So now … Continue reading

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Not What I Expected From the Republican Party

Back when Mr. Trump was running for president, many people predicted he would destroy the Republican Party. It turned out they were right about that, just not about how he was going to do it and when. It’s about the … Continue reading

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The Terrorist Are Winning

The trouble with out war on terrorism is that the terrorist have already won. The goal of a terrorist group does not fit our long stand concept of warfare. It is not an attempt to occupy territory or defeat military … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Here

Harry S Truman (no the “S” has no period after it since it is not an initial, just a letter) The polls are wrong. The news is fake. The town hall meetings are being staged by Obama’s people. The leaks … Continue reading

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