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Beneath Her Feet

In this time of turmoil among men it is fitting that liberty should be a woman Beneath her feet, the words explain Send me your tired, send me your poor Send me all that yearn to be free I will … Continue reading

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We Are Not Alone, We Are Part of the Universe

I have practiced the art and the science of medicine for nearly fifty years. I have seen the course of disease change and the treatment make compensation for that change. What was once a fatal disease becomes treatable, then curable; … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Problem of Pluto and Aliens

I have been waiting patiently, but I now feel I have to raise a disturbing issue. The element plutonium was named for the planet Pluto, but Pluto is no longer a planet and while some feel it should be, it … Continue reading

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With Apologies to Mr. Kilmer

Joyce Kilmer wrote: “I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree” Paul J wrote: And that is why I’ll stop at this And not go on to finish it The words I put upon this … Continue reading

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Some Advice

Some advice for those campaigning this season People don’t vote for ideas. They vote for people they like. Try to be likable Everyone expects a politician to lie. They just don’t like to be the one he lies to. Don’t … Continue reading

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Some Thought About Christmas

I was thinking that the Christmas story has special meaning this year. The story related to us in Mathew, the second chapter, tells us that the wise men or Magi came from the east to worship Jesus. Where exactly they … Continue reading

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The Randomness of Life

A structured life is the ultimate denial of reality. Making plans is like hurling daggers at the sky. Nothing is accomplished except that you are very likely to be hurt when they fall. Live now today not the future.

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