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The History of Plumbing in the White House or Where does the Presidential Poop Go Anyway?

It seems a simple question and one that hardly should be asked even about the chief executive of the most powerful country on Earth and yet … it has some reason to be foremost in my mind during the current … Continue reading

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The History of the United States and the Drug Culture

Before beginning this I will set out the treatment I will follow. I’ll examine the use of “drugs” at various times and places in the United States, including the colonies that eventually became the United States. I’ll examine the use … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Short in the State of North Carolina

Recently passed in the State of North Carolina was a statute requiring persons to use public restrooms consistent with their gender at birth. While the thinly concealed purpose of this statute is widely and justifiably the subject of comment and … Continue reading

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We Are Not Alone, We Are Part of the Universe

I have practiced the art and the science of medicine for nearly fifty years. I have seen the course of disease change and the treatment make compensation for that change. What was once a fatal disease becomes treatable, then curable; … Continue reading

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When Guns Are More Important Than …

Not everyone who owns a gun has or will kill someone with it, but everyone who was killed by a gun was killed by a person with a gun, often the person killed was the person with the gun, dead … Continue reading

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The Procrustean Bed

In the world of Greek mythology, Procrustes stands out as particularly evil. He lived in Attica on the road to Athens, and there he waylaid travelers, forcing them to sleep in his iron bed. The difficulty was that the traveler … Continue reading

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A Truly Miraculous Medication

(I am going to begin writing short humorous pieces and this is the first. They will appear on a new Paul Janson Humor blog on We are confronted with many “Miracle Drugs” these days, particularly in the tabloids that … Continue reading

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