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A Moron By Any Other Name Is Still a Moron

The trouble with calling Donald a “Moron” is that it insults all the other morons. But let’s be honest, Rex only said that because it’s true. A lot of people think it was just a way for him to get … Continue reading

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John McCain

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” D. Trump said this about John McCain in July 2015. My prayers for John McCain and for the country he and … Continue reading

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The History of the United States and the Drug Culture

Before beginning this I will set out the treatment I will follow. I’ll examine the use of “drugs” at various times and places in the United States, including the colonies that eventually became the United States. I’ll examine the use … Continue reading

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The World War We Are Now Engaged In

We are now living through the next world war and the United States is ignoring it just as we ignored World War II until the bombs began to fall on us. We are directing our efforts against “the terrorist threat” … Continue reading

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One of the Problems With the Current Election

One of the problems with the current election is the perception that the Republican Party won in national contest. That is not really the case. Republicans lost seats in both the House (247 down to 241) and the Senate (54 … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Short in the State of North Carolina

Recently passed in the State of North Carolina was a statute requiring persons to use public restrooms consistent with their gender at birth. While the thinly concealed purpose of this statute is widely and justifiably the subject of comment and … Continue reading

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The Greatest Electoral College Victories

The Greatest Electoral College Victories I have tried to stay out of the recent political turmoil. More turmoil will add little, but the recent statement referring to this election’s Electoral College victory as an “electoral landslide” has prompted me to … Continue reading

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