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The Politics of Military Service

I do not understand how anyone who insulted John McCain, one of the truly great military veterans in this country, can have the audacity to criticize anyone. I cannot understand how anyone can have anything except contempt for such a … Continue reading

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A Moron By Any Other Name Is Still a Moron

The trouble with calling Donald a “Moron” is that it insults all the other morons. But let’s be honest, Rex only said that because it’s true. A lot of people think it was just a way for him to get … Continue reading

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Brick on brick to keep All we fear and love away Thicker still each day

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Slaves In FICO Land

I know that many people feel threatened by recent security breaches but don’t know what to do to prevent identity theft. The companies that promise to protect your ID are likely to be the next victims of the hackers. How … Continue reading

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I met a stranger and he was me.

I met a stranger and he was me. Grown older today, but no wiser. His past forgotten, nothing left of what he was Buried there beneath the present time All unseen and unseeing Without what was, we cannot be what … Continue reading

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John McCain

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” D. Trump said this about John McCain in July 2015. My prayers for John McCain and for the country he and … Continue reading

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It is time to stop offering our leaders “The Benefit Of the Doubt” and start Doubting the Benefit of their leadership.

Reality Winner (an interesting name to say the least), disclosed that the NSA had reason to believe that Russia tried and possibly succeeded in hacking into vote counting software. Fraudulent votes were recorded perhaps, but more interesting is that Donald … Continue reading

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