The New York Times Op-ed Author

There is much speculation about who wrote the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times suggesting that there is an ongoing conspiracy within the administration to prevent Mr. Trump from making huge and dangerous mistakes. That this may be necessary is widely discussed by many. That it is taking place seems almost certain. The open confrontations bear witness. Simply consider Jeff Sessions among so many others. But who would write this op-ed and who would have enough “seniority” to convince The New York Times to publish it anonymously.

I have been wrong before and I have been surprised before so I’m not afraid of either one, hence I will present my guess and my reasons: Michael Pence: or someone closely associated with him.

Why Pence? First: He is senior enough to convince the Times to go out on a very long limb. He is also the one person, apart from Mr. Trump himself, who has relatively solid job security. He can’t be fired. He was elected to the vice presidency and can be removed only through impeachment and conviction of high crimes and misdemeanors. Second: He is the person most likely to benefit from removing Mr. Trump from the presidency; he would become president. It seems to me that the op-ed author has placed a thinly, very thinly, vailed appeal to congressional republicans to remove Mr. Trump. He states that he believes in the agenda and that he wants it to be carried out (by whom? The vice president obviously). Finally it is worth looking at the relationship between these two. Mr. Pence is very likely to view Mr. Trump with personal repugnance. It has been said that Mr. Pence will not meet alone with a woman, not without his wife present. That is clearly not the case for Mr. Trump, and Michael is not foolish enough to believe the denials. Michael is a Born Again Christian, and Donald plays golf on Sunday mornings.

Whoever authored the op-ed, the purpose is clear. The president is to be jettisoned but the agenda is to be preserved under better management, and for this there is only one reasonable option: Michael Pence.

One more piece to bear in mind: the author clearly states there is a conspiracy at work to save the nation from an erratic impulsive president. This op-ed should be viewed as part of that effort, not as a personal act. More than one person may be, probably is, a party to this publication and the intended effect is part of the effort disclosed.


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  1. Good thoughts, Paul. Insightful reasoning.

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