The Universe and Time

The universe is a single entity. Newton showed that the same laws of physics that apply to events on Earth, apply to events in the rest of the universe. Einstein showed that matter and energy were the same thing, just in different forms. If a piece of matter, a particle, is destroyed; it is now really destroyed, just changed into energy. Nothing disappears, and nothing arises out of nothing. The energy comes from matter. It follows logically that all of the universe is the same material following the same laws: matter, energy, space and finally time are all the same thing in different forms, interchangeable forms. If this is true the progression of the universe is obvious. Matter is gradually being converted into energy. The universe is expanding and the space is being created from energy that is converting into space. Time move forward, expanding as well, and therefore it follows that space is being converted into time. The Big Bang Theory begins with the universe in a single point with no space and no time. The progression is to “create” space and time. The progression would lead ultimately to the conversion of all of the universe, matter, energy, and space into time and when that happens there will be no more time produced and it will all have to stop. There will be nothing except time, no matter, no energy and no space. It will all be time located, ALL in a single point. Will this create a new Big Bang and begin the whole process again?

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