The Latest Presidential “Pardon”

The news is filled with speculation about the “historic” meeting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. The “historic” characterization is based upon the fact that a US president has never before found it necessary or even advantageous to meet with the leader of this particular small country. The credit for this goes to Kim and North Korea’s persistent pursuit and the final success of its nuclear ambitions. There are many other small countries that have yet to meet a US president. I have written about this earlier on this blog (North Korea and the Repeating of History. Posted on April 22, 2018) and I still think Kim’s goal is not financial aid, but the removal US support for South Korea and its eventual reunification with the North. I am fearful that Mr. Trump is prepared to reduce both troop commitments and support for South Korea in order to make this meeting appear to be successful, just as Kim is hoping he will.
There is another darker event that is being overshadowed here however. Mr. Trump proposed that Russia be readmitted to the G7. In 2014 Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimea from Ukraine, a violation of its sovereignty and international law. Mr. Trump would prefer to blame Barak Obama for “letting” this happen, but to allow Mr. Putin’s government to rejoin the G7, making it G8 again, is tantamount to “pardoning” Putin. He committed a violation of international law, has not made any attempt to rectify his action or even admitted that what he did was wrong. Further there was no requirement that any rectifying action accompany the offer to rejoin the G7. This amounts to a full pardon with no justice being done, no restoring of the stolen property and perhaps most significant, no assurance that this behavior will not continue. Here the similarity with North Korea is apparent: Kim is being rewarded by Mr. Trump for developing nuclear weapons and threatening the world and the United States in particular, with nuclear attack. Other nations, notably Iran, may take this lesson seriously.


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