A Question

I will be writing again soon, but right now I have a question which I hope someone can answer. I was brought up Catholic, and I am familiar with the food laws in their general sense. Particularly with “meatless” Fridays, which were the rule when I was young. Lately I have been reading about this practice and the changes over years. One source suggested that “meat” referred to RED meat, not fish or fowl, birds that is. Can anyone offer clarify or refute this?


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2 Responses to A Question

  1. teddrick says:

    As far as I know, the rules required abstinence from all warm blooded flesh and originally also included the products of those animals, including eggs, cheese, butter, and milk. Anything from the sea was allowed as well as reptiles. Early rules also included Wednesday and possibly other days other than Friday.

  2. pauljanson says:

    Warm blooded such as whales from the sea? Birds are warm blooded, but were they ALWATS prohibited? Say like 1000 years ago. The rules have evolved with changing restrictions. I wonder about the prohibition at its origin. Is there a reliable source?.

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