It is time to stop offering our leaders “The Benefit Of the Doubt” and start Doubting the Benefit of their leadership.

Reality Winner (an interesting name to say the least), disclosed that the NSA had reason to believe that Russia tried and possibly succeeded in hacking into vote counting software. Fraudulent votes were recorded perhaps, but more interesting is that Donald Trump has not tweeted about this “leak” at all. Perchance Mr. Trump knows what happened and wishes not to draw attention to it? Were the fraudulent votes cast for him?
Earlier Vladimir Putin tacitly admitted that people in Russia likely hacked into the US election trying to have their “friend” elected as “patriots” would naturally do. This sounds to me like the set up for shifting blame from Mr. Putin to someone else. It also sounds like Mr. Putin knows what happened. In fact it sounds like, to use a legal phrase, both men knew or should have known what was going on in their respective organizations and countries, and neither seems to be anxious to do anything about it or to prevent it from continuing to happen.


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