The Terrorist Are Winning

The trouble with out war on terrorism is that the terrorist have already won. The goal of a terrorist group does not fit our long stand concept of warfare. It is not an attempt to occupy territory or defeat military or even to destroy an enemy’s cities or kill its citizens. The goal is to produce terror; to make the enemy afraid and to force him to spend large quantities of resources and effort on defense against a threat that is small while preoccupation with the terrorist prevents his enemy from addressing threats far more serious. Bear in mind that the weapon of terrorist are not just bombs and bullets, but drugs that destroy our citizens, internet hacking that steal our money, and propaganda that tells us to distrust our media and government agencies.
At this time the United States is pursuing a policy directed against terrorists while ignoring threats from other enemies. We are intent upon preventing immigration out of fear there may be terrorists among them. We are isolating our country from our allies by failing to offer support to our allies. Our resources are being stretched to the point that we cannot support our defense system. We are forced to demand that nations receiving military support should pay for it. Instead of using our military forces to defend our national interest we are forced to become mercenaries. We are building a wall along our border which may or may not protect us, but the most significant issue in that project is that we are not able to pay for it ourselves. We cannot pay to defend our national borders without aid, coerced aid, from a foreign country; a foreign country against whom we feel we need to protect ourselves.
This is a sorry state we find ourselves in and it is largely due to the drain on our resources that the war on terrorism has imposed.


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