The Buck Stops Here

Harry S Truman (no the “S” has no period after it since it is not an initial, just a letter)

The polls are wrong. The news is fake. The town hall meetings are being staged by Obama’s people. The leaks in the White House are coming from Obama’s still present staff. The death of a navy seal in Yemen is Obama’s fault too, even though it was not he who authorized the attack. When is the president going to accept responsibility for the job he asked for? As Harry said: The Buck Stops Here. That was on Harry’s desk when he was in the oval office.


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2 Responses to The Buck Stops Here

  1. He is still a toddler. Toddler don’t recognize their own responsibilities. But their cuteness usually covers for them. Unfortunately, he is not cute.
    By the way, Ulysses S Grant had the same middle initial as Truman … sort of.

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