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Not What I Expected From the Republican Party

Back when Mr. Trump was running for president, many people predicted he would destroy the Republican Party. It turned out they were right about that, just not about how he was going to do it and when. It’s about the … Continue reading

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The History of the United States and the Drug Culture

Before beginning this I will set out the treatment I will follow. I’ll examine the use of “drugs” at various times and places in the United States, including the colonies that eventually became the United States. I’ll examine the use … Continue reading

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The Terrorist Are Winning

The trouble with out war on terrorism is that the terrorist have already won. The goal of a terrorist group does not fit our long stand concept of warfare. It is not an attempt to occupy territory or defeat military … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Here

Harry S Truman (no the “S” has no period after it since it is not an initial, just a letter) The polls are wrong. The news is fake. The town hall meetings are being staged by Obama’s people. The leaks … Continue reading

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