One of the Problems With the Current Election

One of the problems with the current election is the perception that the Republican Party won in national contest. That is not really the case. Republicans lost seats in both the House (247 down to 241) and the Senate (54 down to 52), and while Republicans are still in the majority they are not in as strong a position as before. It is remarkable for a party to loose in congress when it wins in the presidential race and this has happened in recent election only four times: Eisenhower in 1956, Clinton in 1996 and George W. Bush in 2000. The popular vote went to the Democratic candidate, agreed to by everyone (almost). The Electoral College vote was for Mr. Trump without challenge. This has happened in three previous presidential elections: 1876 (Rutherford Hayes), 1888 (Benjamin Harrison), and 2000 (George W. Bush); and now in 2016. Mr. Trump will be president, but he is differing as much with Republicans as with Democrats as he consistently did during his campaign. Here I have an advantage as a Democrat: I already know he will disappoint me and my Republican friends still believe he can be trusted.
The most serious departure and concern for me is that Mr. Trump has outlined his economic policy that basically states that he will, by tariff (border tax) or by tax breaks, “persuade” companies to build in the United States. The long term loss of competitive edge by this policy is well known, but it is interesting to note here that what he proposes is a Centrally Controlled Economy, an economy directed by the government, as was practiced in the communist Soviet Union. I had thought that we had shown that market driven economies works better. That is how Mr. Reagan won the Cold War wasn’t it?


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One Response to One of the Problems With the Current Election

  1. They are afraid to admit to mistrusting Trump … they elected him … to admit that he was their wrong choice, or to admit that they voted for him despite mistrusting him just to keep Clinton out, would would reveal their own misguided values.

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