Winter Shadows

Days grow short and winter comes
The testing of our bodies with cold
The testing of our souls with darkness
The darkness of despair it seems.

In spring the light shown high
Our shadows small upon the ground
Little was there that needs to hide in shade
When flower’s blooms abound

Now there is bare ground
Dead and twisted plant
The creatures hide and they know
That snow will come and cover us all

The shadow of ourselves
Is cast long upon the ground
As if by standing tall we would make
The darkness steal another bit of light

With winter come, the shadows grow long
As cold tries our spirit we cast a longer path
What we do with the times that try us casts longer
Longer than anything done in the sunny times

So stand we must and stand we will
If darkness would bend us down
We must stand against the dark
Only then will spring come

The shadow of our despair is long
It reaches out from us and makes us seem to grow
The darkness makes us grow
And we are larger for having stood

And let the shadows cast from us
And touch that earth
That spring will claim anew
As light will come again to us, for having stood amid the dark.


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