Peach Tree Epiphany

I had some trouble with my tractor the other day and it ended with an interesting story that I have to share.  The trouble that I had with the tractor was that I couldn’t find the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid in order to fill it.  I called a friend and he wiped away the grass and showed it to me.  We added the hydraulic fluid, and he then told me this story, which I will now tell you.

It seems that several years ago, he and his wife used to walk in a walking trail, in a forest reserve, and in that forest there was a peach tree.  It was apparently not obvious to many of the walkers and he could pick a few peaches and he savored these, coveted them he actually said.  He would make sure he walked there when they were ripe and would take some to eat later, but one year he came and the tree was gone: cut down with other trees and brush deemed to be in the way.  He confronted the administrator of the park who simply said, “But we don’t have any peach trees here.  We never had any peach trees here.”

If that were the end, it would be sad, but it is not.  My friend called what happened next “An Epiphany”.  He said that at that moment he realized that he was responsible for the cutting of the peach tree.  If he had told people, administrators and visitors, that the tree was there, it might not have been cut.  He had not, wishing instead to keep it secret, keep it for himself, and so no some knew it was there and when they saw it, no one knew it was a peach tree.

He did say that he found a seed from that tree, left from the year before, and that he had planted it.  It was growing now and this year had blossoms for the first time.  Lessons?  Sharing lets others invest in your treasure and they may help to preserve it.  Also let’s not forget that we are often given a chance to correct our mistakes if we see the offer and if we take it.

Oh and what about the tractor? Well the lesson there is that sometimes you have to look beyond the dirt and debris to find what you are looking for, and sometimes you have to look beyond the forest to find the peach tree. Not bad in the lessons of life competition.


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