President Trump and the Impending Betrayal of Israel

If Mr. Trump has to choose between Israel and Russia, he will clearly choose Russia. He has never taken a serious stand against Russia. He has abandoned treaties and alliances on a whim. Europe and South Korea are only the most glaring examples. Russia may become the dominant force in Europe and China is already poised to dominate Asia. North Korea has been given a free hand with the retreat of the United States’ commitment to protect South Korea and the reunification of Korea under North Korean domination seems inevitable.

Likewise Russia is becoming the dominant force in the Mideast with the retreat of the United States from that region. Mr. Putin knows that Mr. Trump will not challenge him because among other issues, it would require that Mr. Trump admit that he made a mistake in trusting his “friend” Vladimir. There is also the persistent rumor that Putin “has something on Trump”.

Let me speculate a bit at this point. There are two people who could destroy the Trump presidency with a single statement. First: Melania Trump. Consider the consequences if she were to make a statement that she knew that Donald had had multiple affairs, some incestuous perhaps, maybe abusive. She is more popular than he is and enjoys a great deal of credibility. She would not have to offer proof because the statement need not be true, and it still would be devastating even if she offered no proof at all.

The second person, of course, is Vladimir Putin. His relationship with Trump has received many comments and much is speculated. While it has been suggested that Putin has “dirt” on Trump, perhaps tapes of prostitutes entertaining Donald or some such thing, nothing has emerged. This proposal does not stand close consideration. Sex scandals are swirling around this president and few seem to care. But consider for a moment the impact a simple statement by Putin that he did meddle in the 2016 election, did personally provide information to Trump (read “collusion” here), and did so in exchange for assurances from Mr. Trump that Russia would benefit when he became president. This need not be true, but again such a statement would be believed even without any proof being offered.

Is either statement likely? Probably not, but Mr. Trump is exceedingly vulnerable here. More vulnerable than any recent president and much of it is his own doing. He has few friends left and the list of enemies just waiting for such an opportunity is growing daily.

So now we return to the predicament that faces Israel. The United States is putting “America first” in a very real way. Review North Korea, which is being told to take its time denuclearizing; NATO, which is being told it is no longer to expect backing from the United States; and then consider the treatment of our allies such as Canada, Mexico, and on the list goes. Can Israel expect anything different? This administration is showing no inclination to seriously interfere with Russian attacks in Syria, no interference beyond statements that Mr. Putin is ignoring. Such statements appear to be merely political posturing. I fear that soon the United States will have no commitments in the area and Israel will be left to deal with Putin and his allies, Iran and Syria, alone. Putin has not been particularly friendly toward Israel in the past.

Addendum: I posted this less than 24 hours ago stating that Israel should be cautious because Mr. Trump is preparing to betray this country as he has done with other US allies  It was reported today that President Trump stated, in a conference with President Netanyahu, that Israel had to “do something that will be good for the other side … I took probably the biggest chip off the table,” Trump said. “Deals have to be good for both parties … Israel got the first chip and it’s a big one.” What he is saying of course is that Israel will have to make a “big” sacrifice.

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The New York Times Op-ed Author

There is much speculation about who wrote the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times suggesting that there is an ongoing conspiracy within the administration to prevent Mr. Trump from making huge and dangerous mistakes. That this may be necessary is widely discussed by many. That it is taking place seems almost certain. The open confrontations bear witness. Simply consider Jeff Sessions among so many others. But who would write this op-ed and who would have enough “seniority” to convince The New York Times to publish it anonymously.

I have been wrong before and I have been surprised before so I’m not afraid of either one, hence I will present my guess and my reasons: Michael Pence: or someone closely associated with him.

Why Pence? First: He is senior enough to convince the Times to go out on a very long limb. He is also the one person, apart from Mr. Trump himself, who has relatively solid job security. He can’t be fired. He was elected to the vice presidency and can be removed only through impeachment and conviction of high crimes and misdemeanors. Second: He is the person most likely to benefit from removing Mr. Trump from the presidency; he would become president. It seems to me that the op-ed author has placed a thinly, very thinly, vailed appeal to congressional republicans to remove Mr. Trump. He states that he believes in the agenda and that he wants it to be carried out (by whom? The vice president obviously). Finally it is worth looking at the relationship between these two. Mr. Pence is very likely to view Mr. Trump with personal repugnance. It has been said that Mr. Pence will not meet alone with a woman, not without his wife present. That is clearly not the case for Mr. Trump, and Michael is not foolish enough to believe the denials. Michael is a Born Again Christian, and Donald plays golf on Sunday mornings.

Whoever authored the op-ed, the purpose is clear. The president is to be jettisoned but the agenda is to be preserved under better management, and for this there is only one reasonable option: Michael Pence.

One more piece to bear in mind: the author clearly states there is a conspiracy at work to save the nation from an erratic impulsive president. This op-ed should be viewed as part of that effort, not as a personal act. More than one person may be, probably is, a party to this publication and the intended effect is part of the effort disclosed.

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Things Have Changed a Bit

First he said he was going to drain the swamp and now it turns out he is the swamp.

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The Universe and Time

The universe is a single entity. Newton showed that the same laws of physics that apply to events on Earth, apply to events in the rest of the universe. Einstein showed that matter and energy were the same thing, just in different forms. If a piece of matter, a particle, is destroyed; it is now really destroyed, just changed into energy. Nothing disappears, and nothing arises out of nothing. The energy comes from matter. It follows logically that all of the universe is the same material following the same laws: matter, energy, space and finally time are all the same thing in different forms, interchangeable forms. If this is true the progression of the universe is obvious. Matter is gradually being converted into energy. The universe is expanding and the space is being created from energy that is converting into space. Time move forward, expanding as well, and therefore it follows that space is being converted into time. The Big Bang Theory begins with the universe in a single point with no space and no time. The progression is to “create” space and time. The progression would lead ultimately to the conversion of all of the universe, matter, energy, and space into time and when that happens there will be no more time produced and it will all have to stop. There will be nothing except time, no matter, no energy and no space. It will all be time located, ALL in a single point. Will this create a new Big Bang and begin the whole process again?

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Turning the US into Russia

The problems facing the United States are serious and perhaps under estimated. Our president is choosing to extend friendship to governments that do not share our values and in many cases are actively attacking us or threatening to attack us. These are not free nations but totalitarian regimes such as Duarte in the Philippians, Kim in North Korea and Putin in Russia. But I caution that the problem facing the United States is not that Mr. Trump wants to be “friends” with Vladimir Putin: the threat we face is that Donald Trump wants to BE Vladimir Putin. He wants to run this country as Putin runs Russia. He wants to be the sole authority with no advice or restraint by anyone: no restraint by his advisers or by congress. No restriction by the courts or the law. No criticism by the media or even the citizens who will vote. I’m afraid we have a president who wants to turn our country into Russia.

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“Peace For Our Time” N. Chamberlain September 30, 1938

Mr. Trump has just declared that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. This appears to be based solely on his belief that he can trust Kim Jong Un since nothing else has changed except that the United States is leaving South Korea while North Korea’s nuclear weapons are still there ready to be used. This reminds me of Neville Chamberlain’s claim following his meeting with Adolph Hitler at Munich in 1938 that we have “peace for our time”. That “peace” lasted less than one year.

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The Latest Presidential “Pardon”

The news is filled with speculation about the “historic” meeting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. The “historic” characterization is based upon the fact that a US president has never before found it necessary or even advantageous to meet with the leader of this particular small country. The credit for this goes to Kim and North Korea’s persistent pursuit and the final success of its nuclear ambitions. There are many other small countries that have yet to meet a US president. I have written about this earlier on this blog (North Korea and the Repeating of History. Posted on April 22, 2018) and I still think Kim’s goal is not financial aid, but the removal US support for South Korea and its eventual reunification with the North. I am fearful that Mr. Trump is prepared to reduce both troop commitments and support for South Korea in order to make this meeting appear to be successful, just as Kim is hoping he will.
There is another darker event that is being overshadowed here however. Mr. Trump proposed that Russia be readmitted to the G7. In 2014 Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimea from Ukraine, a violation of its sovereignty and international law. Mr. Trump would prefer to blame Barak Obama for “letting” this happen, but to allow Mr. Putin’s government to rejoin the G7, making it G8 again, is tantamount to “pardoning” Putin. He committed a violation of international law, has not made any attempt to rectify his action or even admitted that what he did was wrong. Further there was no requirement that any rectifying action accompany the offer to rejoin the G7. This amounts to a full pardon with no justice being done, no restoring of the stolen property and perhaps most significant, no assurance that this behavior will not continue. Here the similarity with North Korea is apparent: Kim is being rewarded by Mr. Trump for developing nuclear weapons and threatening the world and the United States in particular, with nuclear attack. Other nations, notably Iran, may take this lesson seriously.

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